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December 4, 2019

June 14, 2019

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May 22, 2017

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Summer Wedding Tips

May 18, 2019

Summer Wedding Tips



It’s summer, and there are some people who prefer a summer wedding. Even in the Philippines, there are times a summer wedding will be preferred, especially when rates of wedding services are low and it’s the off-peak season, so many venues may be available. There is of course the vacation wedding in some far-off place or province. There are many ideas for what to do in summer, and here are a few:


1. When setting up a tent or other outdoor make sure the roof is double-layered



2. Keep a lot of water dispensers nearby. You can have a lot of cool drinks too, but water is




3. Make sure your wedding attire for everyone allows them to keep cool. For sure, some of you still want to project a formal, luxurious feel to the wedding. But it would be ruined by you feeling hot. This is the time when alternative wear, such as a Bohemian theme, may work well.


4. Summer relief-goodies basket – A basket of sunglasses, summer slippers and sunscreen can be left in guest comfort rooms, so your guests could take some relief from the summer heat in case



5. Country-style barbecue can be one of the food choices, and that makes for a sumptuous choice.




6. Tent venue – A wedding tent in a garden is a good summer idea. It can go well with bohemian dress code.



7. Shepherd’s staff and hooks – This could go well with the farm theme. Or it could stand on its own in case you have a theme involving sheep or shepherds. The latter might be used in a Christian wedding.



8. Really boheme – The bride and bridesmaids wear crowns of flowers. Or everyone can wear them too. You could have a color code for specific people. Have gypsy outfits or similar as a break from hot formal wear.



9. His or her cocktails – Special cocktails can be made for male and female guests. For example, the male has a white cocktail, the female has red. Or even separate custom colors for the couple, their retinue, and the family.



10. Ice cream cart – It’s a novelty in other countries, but in the Philippines, we have dirty ice cream! Make sure to get one, or any specialty ice cream vendor, in case a lot of kids attend the wedding.



11. Tea time – If it’s afternoon and you have an English garden theme, teas of various sorts could be served as the drinks. It could be a good alternative to cocktails. Even milk teas or cool teas could be served.



12. Garden games – You could have games that fit playing around in the garden, such as sack races, flower collection, egg hunt, or similar.



13. In the water wedding – Depends on you, whether you would want to wear clothes or just swimwear. But holding the wedding in the pool isn’t a bad idea! It’s a great way to keep cool while doing the ceremony.






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