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December 4, 2019

June 14, 2019

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May 22, 2017

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What to Avoid Doing on Your Wedding Day

July 19, 2019

What to Avoid Doing on Your Wedding Day





It’s the big day! But you have butterflies in the stomach, worries aplenty and other things to think about. There are things you need to do. But there are things you don’t need to do, as these are things that might seem important and urgent, but they can actually harm you. These are things you just need to let go because they’re better off not being under your control.





1. Worrying Too much about the Weather. While indeed weather is a concern, it’s something that actually out of your control. What you can control is how you prepare for it. Thus, making weather preparations a part of your wedding preparations is very important. Don’t worry, just be prepared.




2. Start ambitious project. This means DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff such as wedding favors or decorations. If you decided to start a complex basket giveaway or major venue redecoration only a few days before the wedding day, you’re in for some pain. Better do major stuff weeks before, or stick to simple kinds of favors or decors.




3. Not eating right. You might forget to eat enough, or forget to eat the right food for the diet you’re taking. While you may be watching your figure, don’t weaken yourself by eating too little. Be conscious of what you are eating, and don’t eat based on mood.




4. Trying on shoes (or even the dress!) for the first time. Wedding shoes that you’ve never worn before can give you problems on the day itself. You might also have gotten the wrong size, so it will hurt when you wear it. Make sure to ”break in” your wedding shoes by walking in them for an hour or so, so your feet will get used to them. And if they become uncomfortable in that time, you might have chosen the wrong shoes. But on the day itself, bringing extra comfort shoes is a good idea.




5. Exercise too much. This isn’t about the results of the exercise, but things like injury, pulling a muscle and other effects could make things difficult for your wedding. Like with eating, make sure to keep things balanced.




6. Pack for the honeymoon or destination. Packing is something best done days ahead. If you pack at the last minute, you tend to forget something, things are not packed well, and you’re hurrying. Always give enough lead time before going off to the place, which is the rule anywhere.




7. Get a major beauty treatment only a few days before. What if the beauty treatment requires you to not touch anything for weeks? Then you’ve got a problem. Make sure you know the time requirements of the beauty treatment you’re using. Or better yet, stay off the major treatments. Just keep with simple ones.




8. Spend all day on the phone or tablet. Basically, wasting time. If your phone business isn’t related to wedding preparations, you’re only pushing yourself closer to cramming on the day itself. That also means you don’t manage your time properly. Better manage your time well so you can have for both work and play, and for wedding. preparations as well.




9. Take control over everything. There’s a reason why you hire experts and have friends help you. There are things to let go of and let others handle. Better hold down your control-freak impulses and accept that there are things others can handle. And, trust them on this – being a control-freak is a sign of a person who does not know how to trust.




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